Fujifilm Magic. Tips & Effect Tricks your Canon & Nikon can’t do. 720nm Infrared Focusing


  1. Which brand of adapter did u use on this dem!?

  2. Unless is getting dark, it's not pitch black on liveview with a 10 stop filter on my Canon. With 10x digital zoom i can manual focus with no big problem.

  3. Well I'm going to dive in here with a comment, not something I'd normally be bothered to do on any vids but its kinda hit a nerve here…. I use the hoya r72 quite a bit, with around 4 years experience ( several cameras) and 3 years using a Nikon d800 with a fair selection of lenses all for landscape work. No real need for me with a converted or full spectrum body as I usually require an extended exposure speed. In reasonably bright conditions you do indeed get AF live view focussing with the d800 coupled to lenses f/2.8 and faster. In super harsh light f/4 can work.  FACT.  It's not a Fuji exclusive thing at all. As with any tricky focussing demands, manual or auto, whatever the camera system manufacturer, using high contrast edges to aid evaluation in live view ( even with the 'not so great' d800 live view image quality) help no end, especially so for hunting issues with AF.And another thing, infrared focusses at a different point distance to the visible spectrum, how can you forget that when saying about focussing without the filter then adding it on after! Bit of cringing going on here with the misinformation……. I am a fan of your channel Ken, vid content is ace and very entertaining, but come on!  give it a go man and enjoy 🙂 j.

  4. hey what adapter are you using in this video? Do you recommend one in particular?

  5. Hi Ken, is it specific to xt10 or would any of the latest fujis have this IR sensitivity ?

  6. What point and shoot where you using to record this with??

  7. I'll do this once I am willing to have IR pass filter removed:) http://www.maxmax.com/maincamerapage/infrared-cameras

  8. Would this camera be good for wedding photography? Good in low light etc..?

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