First Time Backpacking: Beginners guide to packing the right gear


  1. Great video! One of the best things you mentioned were pack size and weight. For anyone just starting out, you do not need a 75L backpack. You will be tempted to fill it to the brim. The rest was pretty helpful too, good job

  2. what mug is that with the koozie sleeve?  great vid

  3. Finally a person with a common sense approach to hiking.
    But I have to disagree about the best time to get water , In Florida it is better to get your water during the brighter portion of the day then in the early morning or late evening. An Alligator might see your silhouette bent over while getting water and think you are something he would eat. They are normally looking for meals early and late in the day.
    To lighten your pack….Go backpacking and when you return , make three piles of your gear. 1st, What was used all the time. 2nd. What was used now and then. 3rd , What was never used. Take that pile and put it away. Then reexamine everything in the 2nd pike , is there anything that can do 2 jobs so something else can be eliminated ???.

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