Fan Ho


  1. this photographer worked in classic Chinese manner, if you compare paintings and his photos – same, but made with modern technology. For e.g. boats and trees, very common on paintings.

  2. Awe-inspiring work by Fan Ho. At times I had wondered, is it possible with just one image to spark an emotional reaction through pure beauty? Fan Ho's work tells me the answer is yes. I felt as though I was walking into one of my own dreams. These days, the world is rife with mediocre images that have amazing processing. Images that one often sees on Instagram and Facebook are attractive the way a tight shirt and muscles, or a short skirt and heels might attract the eye. That is photographic click bait that gets at some base visual instincts without going much deeper. Fan Ho's work seems to go beyond cheap tricks like adjusting saturation, or increasing contrast, and captures an intriguing subject, at an interesting moment, in beautiful light. Wow… just wow.

  3. I'm still waiting for the Pentti Sammallahti episode ! 🙂

  4. I just noticed you have a cat! Great video 🙂

  5. There is a MASSIVE CAT in the background. Oh my god. 😱

  6. Excellent video Ted, thank you for bringing Fan Ho to my attention, such amazing work!

  7. stunning images. inspiring. thank you for the effort and the sharing. BIG thumbs up.

  8. Love the street photography. As to the landscapes, I'm thinking of the possibility of fantasy constructed landscapes. In the days before the digital manipulation when you'd have the skill to print multiple negatives to construct an image and high-key photography creates easy spaces/planes into which to juxtapose/superimpose other elements/images.

  9. Fan Ho’s images gave me a lump in my throat and made my eyes tear up. So inspirational.

  10. Utterly fascinating! Ted you are a star!

  11. There are a zillion of famous street photographer but this is the only one who makes me question the point of taking street shots myself..I mean, this guy has achieved what I want to do decades ago.

  12. Wow. This video was amazing. Fan Ho's work was so superb, for it to have been done in the 50's and 60's and so much of it looks like it could have been taken yesterday…it's just extraordinary.

  13. u dont make a Ho a wife, even if shes a Fan Ho bro

  14. Hi Ted, I came across your page here about a week ago. The content you have is brilliant. I have started watching your artist series. Thank you for introducing exceptional artists, their work, like Fan Ho, is truly inspiring.

  15. 9:45 that looks like a double exposure

  16. it would be really interesting if you make a vid on Eric Kim. the guy's take on street photography really polarizes the viewers and practitioners. 😀

  17. What a gem! I have just started a Foundations in Photography course with the Open College for the Arts here in the UK. One of the earlier exercises is a project on shadows and light. Trent Park is the recommended viewing, but one of my fellow students suggested Fan Ho. Great video and thanks for the link to his website.

  18. What can i say? Love the pics of Fan Ho…. Good work Ted!

  19. great video, as usual, thanks. love the cat in the background! poor thing must be stressed out by not getting enough attention:)

  20. I had a few evening conversations with Fan Ho, in early 2000's, while he was working with my roommate on most of the photographs in Photoshop. He had also worked as a Film Director in China. Essence of his talks were "When I took a Photograph or set up a Shot I was always trying to capture a feeling"- Thank you for paying Homage to him

  21. Nice video, loved fan ho's photos since as a kid while reading photo books from dad collection. You should try to look for books Fan written in the 70's that published in Hong Kong and Taiwan which he talks about how he shot those photos show in your video

  22. That image of the workers is a double-exposure, right?

  23. Great video! Really helps me since I am planning to write a school essay analizing Fan Ho's work.

  24. I think he has directed some really great erotic movies back in the days in Hongkong. Pretty cool.

  25. I watch your videos high and sober – always amazing!
    Love your channel 🙂

  26. i had to revisit this video.his work just stands above the many pretenders . R.I.P.

  27. His photographs are very metaphoric with a storng sense of story telling behind them. I can see why he became a film director.

  28. I do not have the knowledge to make my statement strong enough, but this is the best of this series I've seen. All Fan Ho's pictures are perfect. I just wish I could make one like those in my lifetime

  29. I just found this — thank you so much for doing these! Some friends and I are going to do a series of meet-ups using AoP and your Pinterest page as a way of stimulating our own creativity.

  30. Outstanding. Less is more and simplicity is a hallmark of asian art works. He was a master. Thanks for this excellent report.

  31. I can't help seeing the Chinese character 人, meaning people in the photo with the blurred man walking in the foreground (6:34). It is perfect. Thanks for all your work and these great videos, Ted! They are very inspiring!

  32. This episode looks hurried unlike that of Martin Munkacsi, Michael Kenna and Eugene Smith. The episode on Martin Munkacsi especially was very well done, as was the one on Sabastio Salgado. I suggest you take your time, take it easy but keep the quality up. Cheers! Ravi (

  33. I love the images here but I am slightly uncomfortable with how real some of the shots are. I think the small boat in the alleyway is fantastic, but looking at other shots there is one of a man walking down an alley with a suitcase maybe. And I'm sure its the same place but mirrored and then the lower parts replaced with the water. I think the boat shot is part of his newer work. Also the boat framed by trees with the bird is just so perfect I'm not sure I believe it. Its excellent just the same but still I'm just not sure how to feel about it.

  34. It is fairer to call Fan Ho a Hong Kong, rather than Chinese photographer, as the vast majority – and the most important of his work was done there.

    What's worth noting is the context in which these pictures were taken. Until recently the mainstream photography as practiced by the successful photographers were tailored for competition at the various local and international salons. To that end, the pictures needed to catch the judges' eyes immediately, who had to wade through hundreds, if not thousands of entries. This means the pictures had to be individual, self-contained images. To attract the judges even more, HK photographers tried hard to give an exotic flavour in their pictures to appeal to foreign eyes. In this light we can put Ho's pictures in context: the often extensive darkroom work was understandable, such as the famous "Approaching Shadow", and the one of the construction site at 9:20: where it's a double exposure under the enlarger using two negatives and different printing times.

  35. Beautiful stuff, and an artist who is completely new to me. Those high key works show quite clearly how he was influenced by traditional Chinese landscapes, in the content but more importantly that technique of overexposing to get that negative space instead of clutter.

  36. Thanks so much for this episode. WOW! What an incredible photographer. Some of the photos are just breathtaking.

  37. Hi Ted – Just watched your wonderful piece on Fan Ho during my lunch break! My wife and I were in San Francisco a few years back (2011) when we went to a gallery which had some Fan Ho work in it. It was in the same building as the Stephen Wirtz Gallery I think. As a memento I picked up a couple of postcards of some of his works, one being the image of the boat sailing down what appears to be an alley between two buildings. I got to talking to the representative in the gallery about Fan Ho's work and she told me that this particular image (and some of his other work) was put together as a film composites – is there any truth to this, do you know? Or was she pulling my leg?

    Anyway, I was really taken by his work and still think it fantastic, so thank you for this show.

  38. Awesome episode!!!
    Ps: that cat <3

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