DIY Summer Decor Episode 1 – Revamp and Paint Throw Pillows


  1. Didn't find the patters on the link you provided

  2. Could you wash the pillow without any faded paint?

  3. And what would happen if I use only acryl paint?

  4. Tsuch a great idea on the pillow cases. Im so stoked with getting white pillow cases and doing something similar bcz im not about to pay 15-20^ for one a small-medium pillow.

  5. hello dear I would like to try these designs but I wanna ask can we spray the color instead of painting it?

  6. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love how you dont edit out errors and explain how you fixed them so in case it happens to someone else, they know how to fix it.

  7. if i  wash my pillow does the color go away or not ????????

  8. i tried this and it turned out so bad 🙁 I'm so not artistic

  9. nice. I can use the stiker or anay things??

  10. These pillows are really pretty! I'm going to do this DIY to decorate my room!

  11. Can i use spray paint or acrylic ?

  12. what paint did you use to paint the anchor ?

  13. I don't get it why do you need to iron it isn't it a pillow case she was putting it on, then she could have just put on the pillow case

  14. What's the difference between freezer paper and wax paper

  15. Awesome! so cute and fun. plus its nice that you gave us the stensils! I'm going to do a magenta chevron background and a baby blue anchor on it (since they are my favorite colors. thanks so much!

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Miss you sooo much 🙁

  18. You should do more DIY Room Decor Videos! I love watching you! Your amazing😘

  19. Do more videos please love watching your makeup toturials

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