Cristine Reyes and Ali Khatibi Wedding Film by Nice Print Photography


  1. ala ng pagbabago mga wedding vids, iisa ang dating kahit sino gumawa.

  2. Very simple wedding but elegant …the best wedding ever..

  3. OK he's a Muslim from turkey.. He's a Turkish guy..

  4. Kc. 57:46 Quand il n'y a pas de prophète sur la terre, la foi des enfants de Dieu est partagée entre disciples de tel et tel ancien prophèt

  5. super ganda!! Simple yet very beautiful.. you can feel tlga ung sincerity.. very intimate ❤ San po pla ung place nato? ung beach?

  6. nakakaiyak,yung salita ng lalaki..

  7. life is all,about love,& piece..

  8. Grabe sobrang intimate ng wedding nila😭❤️


  10. My dream wedding .. Nakakatouch super .

  11. Wow so touching 😭😭😭

  12. simlpy lng un kasal tahimik ang ganda,

  13. Sa lahat ng pinoy celeb weddings..eto pinaka fave k…ang simple lang…ang ganda ganda…

  14. i miss my husband … mahal na mahal kita junraq

  15. Atleast happy na siya sa non–showbiz guy. Kaisa mga nauna niyang minahal na mga pawang galing sa showbiz. Doon si ate ARA NIYA.

  16. The simplest the better….ang ganda ng kasal nla…

  17. So beautiful. my dream wedding. amen

  18. Me watching wedding videos at 4:32am. Sana makatulog na ako after all the tears I've shed lmao

  19. Beautiful wedding… But she looked like she havent slept in months…her eyebags…

  20. I like cristine snd the simple wedding. But the one who edited the video seemed so excited with his new drone …andaming drone shots. Excited ka besh?!

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