Composition MISTAKES Every Photographer SHOULD AVOID!


  1. Definitly guilty of #4 😀 When I get down to a lower angle to take a photo of my dog, I get a photo of his nose (because he comes at me). So it's easier to snap photos of him from higher angles

  2. This was incredibly helpful and has opened my eyes tremendously! Thanks

  3. If any of these photos cause "Eyeball confusion" you should stop driving a vehicle right now!

  4. Thank you so much for those tips

  5. Awesome advice, quick and concise!

  6. This is very helpful! Honestly, composition is the most important thing. That and lighting.

  7. I fall into the lazy syndrome … awesome video thanks.

  8. Awesome pace of speech….too many people are too slow….great video!

  9. That girl in the river has big feature

  10. in a photo you changed the location, from a forest you took her to a bridge… and you think its still the same? just because the shirt she is wearing is same? you cant compare those two pics, and i am sure that some photographer has collected hell of a praise on the exact "forest" shot. you can't just say any bulshit just because you own an expensive (may be) camera

  11. Short, easy to understand and on the point. I really learn form it. Great video thx.

  12. All these tips can be summarized into two points: your photos should tell a story and this is done by leading your eyes into and through the photograph. Your eyeballs get "confused" because the lines in the 1st photos didn't guide your eyes 1st into and then through the photos.

  13. Exactly these mistakes I did again and again on end! Maybe I still do them sometimes when I'm blank, who knows! Thanks a lot for nailing these down in 6 minutes! Great work!

  14. This aspect ratio
    who hurt you?

  15. Giving tips when your photos aren’t great, your cinematography sucks and your audio is worse than 99% of peoples home video. Listen to advice like this at your peril.

  16. The use of the before and after pictures was especially helpful. Thank you.

  17. So helpful thank you ! But stop screaming omg

  18. 5:09 Intuition, not "intuitive-ness." Love the examples!

  19. Great tips! The examples are very helpful!!

  20. Sweet Krishna, please speak slower…

  21. Some excellent points, but I think certainly the second should come with a caveat – the first photo looks incredibly moody, thoughtful and introspective, precisely because of the negative space, whereas the second is a much more joyful picture. To my mind that doesn’t make it a bad photo, or bad composition, rather just thinking about how you want to portray the subject…

  22. Amateur trying to reinvent wheel.

  23. Thank you SO much for the info, I can't wait to get out and practice these principles

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