Clay Cook – Fashion and Editorial Portrait Photography Tutorial


  1. Hey Guys, could you please advise. I like your intro song, where can I get it?

  2. this is a total bullshit.  who is clay cook again?? lol

  3. I know it's a team effort but wouldn't the retoucher be the one actually creating your final look sigh

  4. It is funny that Clay Cook is monitoring all the comments.

  5. As Ralphie said, "A crummy commercial!"

  6. I Love how Fstoppers have designed the course with deep details about the shoots, the lighting, the error, the fixes, the post production and especially the business. From the trailer, it looks like the tutorial worth every penny. Fingers crossed.

  7. He literally thinks he is god 😂

  8. Awkward moment when Bethany Hood is more masculine than Gunnar Deatherage (awesome name BTW) 😀

  9. this guy looks like what you think of when you hear "hipster douche"

  10. This tutorial seems amazing! I live in Brazil, how can I buy it?

  11. Congrats on your success! You're repping Louisville well. Looks like a great tutorial series.

  12. damn…i wanna be as good and as great as he is.

  13. I am really loving this tutorial but confused which one to buy this one or from rgg edu…

  14. why the first model looked like she was scared to death ?

  15. Amazing so many hears doing this. I still have so much to learn.

  16. Lot Of Struggles Here Keep It Up Guys,
    I'm a Muslim,From Pakistan..
    My Name Is Moneeb Ur Rehman
    I really Love your Work @Clay Cook
    And Also Love Fstoppers Team….

  17. Amazing job guys! One of the best tutorials out there! Thanks guys! Recommend it, really inspirational and usefull for every one (beginners and pro).

  18. I just discovered your work…I'm speechless. Your studio work is like no other.

  19. first time i see real pro…..

  20. These dudes like to jerk themselves off.

  21. Hiii Sir yash here from India I need your help

  22. OMG… He is amazing. First time hearing about him, i'm going to do my research now.

  23. really awesome portrait shot and give us a great thingings

  24. Give me stunning models who know how to pose, super expensive equipment, profesional stylist make up artist and photo editor and I'll give you images just the same or better than him.

    The secret is money, even when they say it is not, it is and I'm willing to prove it to you any time and bet you any amount of money on it.

  25. Really good tutorial,can learn a lot from it

  26. I love this, the only video on here that actually gives a lot of information and insight on the jobs, 10 minutes flew by 🙂

  27. I hate dudes that do that gay talk. It's cool you're gay, but talk fucking normal you twat. That's right, I'm talking about you Gunnar.

  28. Damn it, I want to be a good photographer. I just suck though.

  29. I like that this is a sales pitch but you can learn a lot from it already.

  30. This dude really knows what he's doing, respect

  31. Hey fstoppers,
    I was really fascinated by ur cityscape tutorials trailer….so will u guyz plz make tutorial on making such attracting trailer or videos

  32. WOw! Just wow! This guy is the real deal…

  33. this photographer is top notch in my opinion. I can compare him to an 18 wheeler coming at ya

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