Cinematography Tutorial: Dramatic Camera Slider Moves


  1. I love this type video please make more video please sir

  2. Great work. Thanks for sharing

  3. Long long was that guy behind , for 2 min 😂

  4. Any link to where can we find and buy that slider, tripod, and mount that you used ^_^

  5. good lesson, everything is clear

  6. Brilliant techniques, thanks for sharing, will remember these for the future.

  7. it was great, lovely, but imagine if we have to take a shot like in vertical axis, can we keep the slider at vertical position?

  8. lol, "coming out of the tree there" – nice touch with adding the effect of him coming out of the tree

  9. Which equipment model is that? where can I buy this model?

  10. Very nice video! Thanks to share 😉👍🏼 TONIO

  11. change ton trépied c'est lui qui n'est pas stable

  12. For the focus: what is your take on the auto focus feature that a lot of the Canons have these days. Would it work? Any particular lens that you recommend to this shot?

  13. awesome , keep continue

  14. Thank you, great tutorial!

  15. Thanks for this tutorial. I just ordered my slider and I hope my videos get better with it.

  16. it can be done even by hands..

  17. Your dog's munching grass lol.

  18. Thanks bro for this tutorial. Its a blessing

  19. Extra credit: you can also use a tripod to get a Chapman shot exactly like the one in Last Crusade when Indy climbs in the college bldg window, then camera cranes down into the car of the two government types. Just sparingly loosen the elevator, then hands off and allow camera's weight to carry it slowly down

  20. Okay ! The Question is how to make camera like in Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE. videoclip at 1:57

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