Choosing a DSLR Camera for Architectural Photography – An Architect’s Guide (Part 1)


  1. 80D is the latest version of this camera I recommend:

  2. Good video- thank you for this information!

  3. Excellent video!! Very useful and worthwhile info!! Many thanks for the effort put into this !!

  4. I just bought a used 30d is that good for models and field studies? What is a good lens for beginners

  5. i have a canon eos 100d is this a good start for architecture photography

  6. Great info!!I'm about to start my architecture course and I'm looking for Canon EOS 1200D .What do you think? And can you give some suggestions for laptop? thank you..

  7. I prefer a fuji or olympus mirrorless. Much Cheaper option en especially olympus plenty cheap great lenses.

  8. That was amazing thanks 🙂 may you can take a look at my channel some time 🙂

  9. This is AWESOME< just what I wanted to know, I have just started my Architecture course and wanted to buy a dslr to make the most of the course. I am looking at the Canon 80D. Thanks for the videos from Australia 😀

  10. thanks for putting this together man. excellent info!

  11. Forget Canon. Phase One IQ3-100MP with an Apla Max technical camera for serious architectural photography

  12. Another note – zoom lenses allow dust in which isn't usually much of a big deal unless the dust particles clump and form a dust bunny. Plus read lots of reviews – the pro and simi pro camera community is very good at writing reviews on equipment.

  13. Good info. And the studio is looking great.

  14. Is that the barn studio you designed a few videos ago? It looks good! I thought it would have a wood-like finish on the facade.

  15. Do you use an external mic for your camera that you're using to record? Too much echo, if I may say so

  16. you should have looked at the canon eos m3

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