Canon 80D DSLR vs Hollywood Movie Camera Arri Alexa


  1. DSLR footage looks like it was shot on just that, a DSLR. With heavy editing in color correction and grading you can get it looking similar to a cinema camera. However, cinema cameras are built for ,well, cinema. With a cinema camera (especially Black Magic cameras) you can get a much higher color gamut and easier and better looking color grade work. The ARRI Alexa is not my faveorite looking camera as it retains a flat digital look quite often. But a DSLR is nothing compared to a Black Magic camera.

  2. Why compare a $800 camera with a $50.000 camera?

  3. What picture profile you used on 80D?

  4. 5:53 Dynamic Range: is it related to codec and bit depth between the two?
    i would love to see a comparison of a Canon 5D3/4 with magic lantern recording raw vs Arri Alexa 444 …
    it will be a good comparison of dynamic range

  5. thank you! interesting comparison(s). the arri alexa is a beautiful imagine device. im guessing the quest for great looks is largely in the hands of the "musician" (cinematographer). in the same way jimmi paige can make a sears guitar sound great – but he can touch the heavens with a les paul so to speak. Im sure potato jet and tak fujimoto can make a canon 80d look extremely good. a person has to know first why they need what they need. peace dear artists…………….

  6. The DSLR really holds up nicely, I actually really like itโ€™s look

  7. It felt like the arri had like more..bitrate? im not sure, im far from expert on cameras. But to be fair i dont know how much of a different would it be really if you do a good job, is not like poeple would be comparing live the same footage on a differente camera lol
    Thank you for the comparison!

  8. nice to see what limitations my DSLR has….although it's lacking the dynamic range of the Arri….could your grade the shots to look a bit more line the Alexa footage?

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  13. Weil i would say the dslr look so great, if you see the price diffrence. The 80d is not even fullformat like 5d/6d or?

  14. "With the Arri the subject seems to pop out more"
    This is mostly due to the fact of a way lower aperture than with the dslr. I mean u are right with the colors, but sorry its a stupid comparison if u dont use the same lense/aperture…

  15. How did you shoot the exact same shots with the two cameras?

  16. You should use a flatter picture style instead of the default one in the Canon camera if you want to compare the dynamic range. Then color grade the cameras to look as similar as possible. Aperture should be same if you want to compare noise in the picture.

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  18. 4:02 there stands Canon 10-16mm but its a 10-18mm lens.

  19. 3:20
    "The Alexa has high speed Cine lenses, on the DSLR, I didn't have anything fast at the time."

    Come on man. If this is a quality test between the two, that's a huge oversight.

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  21. You can use Cinestyle for the dslr for more dynamic range and a raw look to it.

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  23. Whow that difference is huuuge, im into music recording and sound mixing, and the difference is 100 times smaller in say cheap vs expensive mics, here the emotion was really magnified with the better camera

  24. Fun fact, that scene where the fine yoga chick was being recorded was the same beginning scene in Don't by Bryson tiller….. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. worst camera comparison i ve ever seen.its obvious u couldnt match white balance and there is not such color science magic as u said.

  26. Canon ML Raw vs Movie Camera? Please!

  27. Can you repeat the test with the 6D Mark II?

  28. This is really interesting and I applaud them for doing this kind of test and shooting such dynamic footage but I feel like the grading on the Alexa is making the image look much worse (and closer to the DSLR) than it should.

  29. Digital film has much more noise, especially in dark scenes. Why is that?

  30. hello i need to know about ALL-i 60 fps option in 80 this option is there..

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