Cannon EOS 80D tips and tricks, settings DSLR camera


  1. Why all in youtube talks about video settings, not for normal photography settings 🙁

  2. Trying to follow this feels like a golf cart chasing a Ferrari.

  3. Thanks. I'm definitely overwhelmed with this purchase.😅😅

  4. Impressive presentation. Thank you for your time and effort.

  5. I have a Galaxy s7 edge, good camera but I have a big video project, shooting documentary to put on DVD and I don't see much of a difference between new phone cameras and DSLR so I'm wondering if I can get by with my phone or should I get my first DSLR, learn everything which takes a lot of time, for just a little more bokeh!?? Is the 1080p quality on a phone just as good as 1080p on the 80d??

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