Best Studio Light Modifier: Softbox, Umbrella or Beauty Dish? Portrait Lighting Tutorial


  1. Finaly this is what i was looking. This will make it more easy for me to start building what i need to shoot . Very well done. Quick question for a softbox, since there are so many makers of this tool, what should i be looking for at the begening for continiuous light and using a speedlight, i mean what makes a softbox better than another one (always in the same sishpe and size) is it the depth, white or silver inside…

  2. Excellent presentation – you put other channels to shame. Thanks for the wealth of information 🙂

  3. Would be great, if we could see those pictures side by side…. 🙂

  4. This video was very helpful! Thank you Joe!

    I notice that in this video your glasses never catch the lights. Do you have any tips for lighting video subjects wearing glasses?

  5. You my dude Joe. Gonna donate to the channel.

  6. Hi Joe, What is the recommended distance of the umbrella from the strobe/monolight? I noticed in this video you had the umbrella as far as possible from the monolight. I'm using a Flashpoint 320M. Do you leave the silver dish on or off? Thank you

  7. You just answered questions that I had and questions I didn't KNOW I had! Thank you SO much for making this video. 😘

  8. Hi Joe, Could you tell me if the beauty dish gives me more Skin details than the big soft octabox?

  9. Hands down you are in my opinion the “BEST” portrait photographer !

  10. So just to make sure it got it iv been asked to do a family shoot (4 adults and one young child) for a friend of mine at there home witch is not a huge shooting space and next to no natural light and I have a speed light so should a mid size shoot through umbrella with a reflector work?

  11. Thanks for this video Joe. I like that you are not pushing expensive modifiers. I am getting a collapsible beauty dish very soon and look forward to having fun with it! I think it cost me $50 US.

  12. I just bought my first strobe and light modifiers and I am so happy I found your channel. You give great info and advice and make it all seem so simple! I can't wait to practice with your techniques. Thanks Joe!

  13. Thanks a lot, Joe!
    Very helpful and informative. Love it!

  14. Hi, Joe, can you tell what fujiflim lens I can use for a fashion shoot in stidou

  15. I saved this as a point of reference for later.
    Thanks for uploading

  16. Thank you! Very encouraging too.

  17. Here's a tip for viewers: Expand the video to fill the screen. Then for each example given, such as at 5:36, 5:55, 6:05, 6:19, 6:27, 6:49, 6:58, 7:12, 7:19, 7:36, 7:49, pause and stake a screen shot (Hit the PrintScreen key) and paste it into a program such as Photoshop as a layer named as the time code. Do that for each example and you will be able to click between the view layers to examine the differences and pick the one you like easier.
    In particular, note how just increasing the size of the light (relative to the subject) from the bare 5:36 to the softbox 7:19 which is still very directional softens the transition from shadow to lit area and reduces the glare spot on the forehead. The umbrellas act the same as their size is adjusted but since they spill a lot of the light onto the white ceilings and walls, they also reduce the contrast by lighting the shadowed parts of the model's face. With a softbox, (or outdoors where there is no reflecting surfaces nearby, you would need to add a separate fill light source to achieve that reduction in contrast.
    Thanks for putting this presentation together Joe. I know the effort that was required.

  18. Thank you so much for this very informative video! I would love it if you could give us a tour of your studio, you seem to have some really great unobtrusive support for your lights, ceiling supports? Rails on the walls? And arms which fold and extend out? Tripods are so cumbersome and quite often a trip hazard in a small space.
    Pardon, if you've already made a video covering this, if so, can you direct me to it.
    Much appreciation, Lory x

  19. Thanks for the tutorial sir

  20. arrgh…what's with the loud, startling sound? It's like slamming prison doors. I love your channel, Joe, and I wear earbuds to catch everything you say. But that sound is a poor editing choice, imo, especially with earphones users. Still, thanks for your very educational and inspiring videos.

  21. Shalom big man. Top tips appreciated.

  22. Very nicely knowledge pass on

  23. Like and subscribe ,thanks for sharing

  24. Can't wait for USA to swap to metric system.
    As always, many thanks for the time and effort on making these videos; they are very helpful.

  25. A very complete video on the subject. Now I understand the catchlight thing. Thx

  26. U're a good man… Thank You for your kindness….,

  27. Thanks for making this video! I find it way easier to understand than reading a blog post or an article.

  28. Joe, I often come back to your videos and watch them over and over again. I like your refined approach (cutting the fat) and providing a clear and proven knowledge, style, and techniques in all of your video. I also appreciate you have the budget minded photographers in mind and such approach is humbling; gears are important, but experience through practice and dedication can't be substituted. Keep up the good work Joe!

  29. I stumbled upon your channel today and I have to say, I can't believe I have gone this long without your tutorials! You are well spoken and easy to understand. You also don't waste a ton of time getting into the videos and describing what you have listed in your description. You have earned a fan. Thank you for your help

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