Best DSLR Lenses for Beginners – Photography For Beginners


  1. I own 2 out of the two lenses & I was looking to purchase the 10-18mm lens before watching the video. Thanks for reassuring my decisions! I'm a beginner and camcrash is speaking facts.

  2. Hey CamCrunch, what lens do you recommend for landscape photography under $1000, for the canon 80D ?
    Thank you!

  3. can you just give one for me?

  4. Could you add images to the examples you mention on your videos? Sometimes the jargons make it hard to visualize what you are saying, at least for me obviously. Thank you tho

  5. Loving the videos! I love photography but I am not even beginner lol but I want to learn more to get some tips to get better images out of my cannon eos t5. Thank you very much

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