Basic Cosplay Photography Tutorial


  1. U don't have to follow the rule of thirds if u know how to break them:)

  2. How did you copy the settings in light room and paste them onto another photo? I’ve been trying to figure that out and it’s been a struggle.

  3. 0:17 lol that cute little puppy-butt
    Oh and here too: 1:19 😛

  4. Thanks for showing that photoshop's not an evil tool. Too often, I get comments from people on my pictures that say "That looks photoshopped" and I wonder what the big deal is. So what if it's photoshopped? That's how we can be creative with lightning, corrections and other fun stuff. I don't understand why it's considered "bad" to some people when photoshop is used. It's like they just discovered a big "secret" and want to blurt it to the world. "This girl uses photoshop to enhance her pictures!"

  5. Interesting. looks like a lot of the vid was dedicated to photo editing more than the actual shoot.

  6. The 50mm 1.2 is really a gem that everyone should have! If I had to choose only one lens to use ultimately I would pick it (aside from the 70-200 2.8 IS L)

  7. Another woman with mustaches xD

  8. I really respect you. I know you've won one of Blizzcon's contests so there's no debate around your cosplay crafting skills, etc.
    But comparing a 3.4 thousand dollars setup to one that barelly reaches 800 is…. You know….
    And it's not easy taking pictures…. at all … Taking a great, quality picture is a labor of dedication, discipline, etc.


  9. Wow that was good, if you have time can you have a look at my channel 🙂

  10. 2 Things:
    You showed is the f1.8 lens at the beginning ^^
    And where exactly is this grove? I'm from Thuringia and would love to shoot in this forest 😀

  11. I'm not yet ready for a photo shoot, but now I feel like I'll be ready. Thanks!

  12. when u edit the pics what editing soft ware do u use

  13. Is there anything you can't do? I'm a creative person with many skills but you blow me away! Brava!

  14. Thank you so much! 😀

  15. Out on a whim I searched "cosplay photography" on YouTube and was led to this video and for such a brief video I have to say it was soo informative and I really learned a lot . so with that, thanks so much and keep it up 🙂

  16. Wirklich tolle Tipps! Danke 🙂 …Ich finds total cool, dass du aus Deutschland bist und mal ausnahmsweise nicht aus den USA ^__^ …Mein Abo hast du!

  17. он пират , надо было у воды фотографировать!

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