Angry Photographer: D750 TIPS & TRICKS!! Also D800 series, and D7100/D7200/D610 etc


  1. spot lock shoot. doesn't work with back button focus and recompose technique. I shoot manual, spot meter and quickly adjust f stop/shutter speed or ISO when I focus on the subject, recompose the image and shoot. I use f stop and shutter speed specific to the image so I usually change ISO to to match rather than f stop or shutter speed. Yes its a little slower but the images are better and I fill the frame. If you use spot lock and shoot you are dependent on focus point coverage and will most likely have to crop later for composition, especially if you are using the most accurate center point focus.

  2. Ken I recently purchased a used Nikon D800 shot a couple of portraits gigs with it and it was fine. On my last shoot I noticed a lot of my images were out of focus. My current AF settings are AF-S and shooting at 1/200 on 85mm 1.8. Are there settings on the D800 I'm missing/ overlooking. I tried the AF chart and its pretty close to spot on. any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance. Gabriel in SATX.

  3. i just bought the d7200 what an amazing camera

  4. what's the best button set up for back button focus ?
    ….. want my cake and eat it too 🙂

  5. Is it possible to use spot metering on the preview button with back button focus?

  6. Don't know if it's already mentioned in the comments but you can also assign the movie record button to ISO in stills mode which is much more convenient than using two hands to hit the ISO button and turning the dial. I've found the D750 to be a great camera with some nice features, jury is still out on build quality though, it's no D700 in that department.

  7. Like the 100% zoom on the playback but it is not available with D610 🙁

  8. Thoughts please…I know that you say don't get a D7200 if you already own a D7100 because the new features don't way out the cost.  I shoot surf/ocean photography and was looking at picking up another body either of the two.  But the buffer on the d7200 is much longer for continuous shooting and I also like the time lapse mode for night shooting.  What do you think?

  9. thanks man, you just reminded me that my function button has never been assigned, but hey! we've assigned our preview button the same way! thanks for the videos once again man.super awesome

  10. Could you say some words on the ability to autofocus in dim light of the D750 compared to the D7200/D7100?

  11. Very usefull! Thank you.

  12. Wow, it helps a lot, I was always trying different functions setting, this is the best!

  13. Ken – I'm thinking of purchasing a DK-21m (magnifying eye piece) for the D750. Have you tried these? They get mixed reviews.

  14. Ken, love that OK button to display 100% (1to1). Your right that default of Thumb Nail on or off is totally useless.

  15. What? no back button focus?

  16. Thanks Ken, you're the man. thumbs up

  17. Here is what I consider important:

    Built-in AF-assist illuminator: OFF !!! (How I hate those noob concert photographers having it on!)
    Beep: OFF
    Flash warning: OFF
    Exposure comp. for flash: Background only (otherwise whats the point of flash comp?)

    And most important:
    Assign AE-L/AF-L button: Focus only!

  18. Thanks for tips, Ken
    It's possible to set dual action for keys in D810. Press and press-deal for different operations.
    It seems I have to choose between these options in D750. Is it true?

  19. Ken, have you ever utilized the U1 and U2 settings on the Mode dial? Keep after those Buddhists!

  20. HOW DID YOU KNOW that I just bought my first Nikon (7100) after watching your videos. It will be here tomorrow. First thing I'll do is pull this video up again to set it up.

    Thank you for all your great videos.

  21. Shit. My D7000 can't have OK set to 100%. I would love that! 🙁
    Just set my FN button to Spot Metering, will give it a try. But i have AF/AE-LOCK button set to focusing (but not AE-locking, and no focusing on the SHUTTER button), so have set SHUTTER button to lock AE when half-pressed.
    This way every function is under different button. So refocusing doesn't require remetering. It is all because i HATE focusing on half-press – so slowing me down.
    It is so funny to give my camera to someone and that person can't shoot with it because of the crazy (but logical) settings ))))))
    Thanks for the videos! It became like a daily routine – breakfast watching you saying that there are stupid things outside ))))) and pointing some wise things.

  22. For those who do not know why they call it 'chimping' — (CH)eck (IM)age (P)review

    Great tips for my D750; I especially like the front spot metering button, I find it very useful 👍

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