Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio Review – I LOVE This Photography Cube!


  1. Thanks for the video.👍🏼

  2. Thanks for the video Steve. You mentioned editing but never said what software you use for that. I use PS Elements 14 and really like it. I use it to get rid of the shadows around my items. Is that what you're talking about too? What software do you like? Thanks.

  3. Learn to hold your camera still!!! I get headaches watching your shitty vids!

  4. Stephen, I really want to buy one of these. Can I please get your thoughts. I basically sell stuffed animals. Do you think it would hold a 14, 16 or 18-inch stuffed animal. Want to be sure before I purchase it since it is expensive. Thanks.

  5. Hey Raiken always dropping great content,

  6. Dude… Use the Amazon Seller App. They have a photo studio that works wonders with this.

  7. I definitely need to improve my picture taking, quality and speed. Thanks for the videos Mr. Profits

  8. Great video-fun and interesting to watch, and keep in mind for the future-thank you!

  9. Pretty good pics. Might considering doing something similar with some of the smaller items I sell.

  10. I would've used a bigger knife to open that box….

  11. Hey, Love that Izod LaCrosse shirt with the large gator. I worked with those shirts for years many years ago. Good material .

  12. cube looks great interesting concept I can dig it

  13. That Shirt Though… Just picked up that exact shirt for $1 at my local Salvation Army

  14. Hey man I really like your positive and energetic videos it gets me super motivated (I've just listed 30 items) keep up the great content! Regards, mike from U.K. 🇬🇧

  15. awesome video as always, I'm cheap I built mine out foam boards lol but I might actually get this I like how the lights are built into it and the Lil trap doors are awesome to keep all that light in there them pics looked amazing

  16. It's amazing how much of a difference a cube can make! What iPhone version do you have. I'm due for a change thinking of switching from an Android is why I ask.

  17. Steve this is bomb! Going to have to look into this! Btw you're looking slimmer! Keep it up! Cheers

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