A Pro Photographer’s Review of the iPhone 7 Plus


  1. Hey I was wondering how to become a photographer I love taking pictures & I have an amazing photos I’ve taken if you can point me in the right direction that be awesome.

  2. To short yr review my friend

  3. If you want a FREE iPhone X (only pay shipping) then go here now: HootFree. com

  4. What was this shot on?

  5. And 99% of iPhone users will NEVER get photos like this… utterly pointless review.

  6. Whats the pic editor you used and which pic editor is for i phone users

  7. iPhone 7 images are super compressed. They look worse than the 6s plus at times

  8. 0:15 old man looking at the camera, stupid

  9. Anyone know what case he is using?

  10. SONY XZ PREMIUM is still better

  11. A "Pro Photographer" should know that iPhone cameras are bad and there is much more better options.

  12. Other phones 📞☎️ not even close to super iPhone 📱

  13. This photographer edits are super bad. The contrast it way way to much.

  14. What editing apps do you like best?

  15. Does Photography Mode only in Iphone 7 plus? or can I get a regular Iphone 7 and get photography mode?

  16. IPhone 7 plus oxsmmmm 💓 ❤💯

  17. I am somehow amazed how you guys failed to notice the simply mediocre image processing on this phone. Take a photo and then double tap to zoom in…colors and especialy skin tones look oil painted, lack of details and colors overall are dull.

  18. Most of these images were over edited…

  19. The eye contact point is well taken but no way unique to iPhone. Cable release and digital screens settled that issue long ago. What wasn't mentioned is that eye contact forever ends the. "one two three smile" dialogue and replaces it with a natural interaction leading to far most realistic shots.

  20. this isn't a prof photographer

  21. Anyone else's "hey siri" went off at the beginning of this video 😂

  22. He calls himself professional?

  23. Until i did test the phone did i think that it did use the telephoto lens all the time in 2x. But it does not

  24. a camera is not worth a damn if you need to heavily edit them

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