A DSLR tutorial using the Nikon D7200: Make sure your photos are sharp and in focus


  1. Amazing videos and great tutorial. I have this camera. I want to capture group photos sharp and every one in focus. I must choose ? AF-C ?

  2. Hi there, Thank you so very much for your wonderful video…it's the best I have come across!I am a beginner at photography. We have purchased the D7200 and I am at 6.19 into the above clip. So where I am to alter the focus so that it is single point….however I am a little confused as what if I want to take a picture of a row of people or 3 tiers of people such as a wedding….it seems only one person will be in focus. My other camera is a Nikon D90 and I seemed to be able to get everyone in focus but not my new camera. I am only just learning to come out of auto mode and have been using the S button and the A button….so far without much success. Kim (New Zealand)

  3. You are the best !!! Thank u a lot !! ❤

  4. please make more videos like this

  5. Hold your breath while pressing the shutter please! Thanks for you videos.

  6. Please, make more videos like this, You are an execlent teacher. Greetings from México. The Nikon D7200 is a great camera.

  7. Thanks, that was great.

  8. Very helpful, thank you very much!

  9. Excellent way to teach. Thanks.

  10. waiting for the day you hit a million subscriber's

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