7 DIY photography tips using household objects


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  2. How did you light the tube light? Checked further down and the link is a 404 Error.

  3. Dope content. Love if you could check us out!

  4. Ok so I love the idea of the tube light but what power connection have you used because I'm struggling as there all non domestic. As in don't connect to a plug????

  5. What's that camera bro !?

  6. Can someone comment the link for the blue background on the tablet??

  7. When you make these DIY & Photography Hack videos, can you slow 'em down and describe them step by step instead of quickly? would make it a lot easier to follow along.

  8. Flame thrower is a great idea, thanks

  9. please tell me name of the app used in monkey photo longexposure

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  11. Hi, I am your viewer and fan from Czech Republic, and I would like to ask how the trick works 27-40 second in the video, I do not understand it, thank you very much and sorry for my English and my stupid ask 😀 xDD …

  12. Great video ! I love photography! I am on Instagram ( wendzze )

  13. Anyone know the model of that camera they used?

  14. What app did you use for the background lighting?

  15. the thighs with the rubber bands is a super old trick

  16. Apparently shooting through panty hose turns your girl into skrillex

  17. i have a question for anyone who is willing to help should i go with the nikon d3400 or the canon 60d

  18. the music is nice
    Tell me the name plz plz…..

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  20. that mirror for light tho..

  21. he's got a hot chick that i don't have

  22. Loved this video thanks for the advice!

  23. My biggest goal in life is to run my own photography business, please help me. Every little bit would be greatly appreciated

  24. Could you put a link to the tube light?

  25. Can anyone tell me what this tune is? Cheers in advance

  26. Please can we have info on the tube light? How did it work?

  27. Wie habt ihr die Ringleuchte ohne Kabel zum leuchten gebracht? 🙂
    Top Video btw

  28. Can you please use some better music on your videos? Sorry, but this track made me switch off!

  29. What is the name of the camera?

  30. the photographer looks like pewdiepie.

  31. I really like #5.. But does it have to be put on a leg first like you've shown?; does it add any flavor?

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