5 Secret Advertising Tricks From The Food Industry


  1. no wonder scooped mash potatoes look like that, but im not all for it because scooped ice cream does look like scooped ice cream. plus soft serve beats scooped in a cone anyway anyday.

  2. 레알 밥도둑이당

  3. The glue was most surprising honestly

  4. How do you this are you guessing

  5. This is actually so weird aha

  6. I'm gonna use the Bowl of cereal and the glue to make a perfect picture and then post it on my Instagram

  7. You took this entire video from facts verse

  8. The only thing that can't be ruined by advertisement is fries. They'll always taste good.

  9. The glue and cereal one isn't true for all cereal. Because I've been on cereal commercials and they didn't use glue. So, that one is true for some but not all.

  10. I'm interested to know how factual these are…..and if they all are it's great….

  11. Starbucks made 4.2 billion dollars by just white girls

  12. Hey m8,is there a way of contacting you?There is a German Youtuber who steals your Videos and He Gets many subs from it.

  13. I'm not even mad, thats some clever tricks.

  14. to make icecream – mashed potato is not working – u need some other recipe, its much more complex 😉

  15. That from the burger is true (MacDonalds) lol in real life iTS Just like a truc rode over it

  16. The one thing I know is that there allowed to paint it.

  17. Thx now the wont rip me off I subscribed

  18. im jungshook😂😂(army's all know)

  19. Glue to make the milk look so real on the cereal! Shocking.

  20. no glue dries and turns clear so I don't believe that s*** about the glue

  21. So true…I just got a very ugly-looking Burger King Chicken Grilled Sandwich today. Looks like a bulldover ran over it.

  22. Yo dude, I just got mind blown!!
    Cool stuff 😀

  23. Don't they use cigarette smoke in place of steam?

  24. I feel cheated on with the icecream 😥

  25. weird Yt is showing there is 12 comments but actually there is only 9 lol (I was not counting this one)

  26. Ayo! Love the channel, keep up the great vids.

  27. cool! I didn't know that! and good job dude! I really like your videos!

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