5 IMPORTANT Tips for Beginner Film Photographers!


  1. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, and I finally came around to doing so! Hope these help! #MinoltaGang 🤘🏼🤑🔥

  2. Oh and I’m proud of you! Congrats on 10,000 subscribers!

  3. I think you’re talking of the Canon 7 rangefinder that has an m39 Mount 50mm f0.95 “dream” lens.

  4. I wish you’d talk more about ISO!!! it’s so important

  5. really cool video i like your channel

  6. Hey, congrats for hitting 10k and "unlocking the space". Well deserved.

  7. Here’s a tip for you about expired film. Avoid professional films. Amateur films like Kodak gold and Fuji superia are made to be abused by users who don’t know better. So they have a have a much longer shelf life. Pro films are refrigerated until the day are shot, and is processed immediately. So their emulsion isn’t as stable as amateur film.

  8. Been shooting with the Minolta MD 35-70 3.5 that came with my X500 and gonna develop my first roll of film I shot on it soon. I was wondering what Minolta primes you recommend? I wanted to buy the camera with a prime but the price was too good to pass up.

  9. In Malaysia 2dollar for one expired film..😢

  10. Freaking love these videos! Its so good and refreshing to find a passionate youtuber again

  11. Congratz on 10k!!!!!!!! Was wondering your opinion on the minolta 58mm 1.4? I just scored a sr7 with one on it, and it looks flawless, havent put a roll through it yet

  12. I recently bought my first good film camera and I've been binge watching your videos for hours. It's really been helping out. Keep up the good work man

  13. Just bought my first film camera, Minolta Hi-Matic Af really pumped to use it

  14. $2.25 for one 36 exp roll to a disc at Walmart tho. 😂😂

  15. Don’t forget to check out Hengki_koentjoro_images on instagram – I think he will blow you away.

  16. Great tips! Primes rule on my Nikon SLRs!

  17. personally my self I like to hand develop my B&W FP4 and HP5 that way you can do it to your desired results

  18. I’m not really a beginner but these are great tips to know! And that LOGO IS SICK!

  19. hey dude, so i have a question on my minolta 7s the viewfinder is werid there is a green diamond shape that lines up with your subject by focusing it worked good on my first roll but the 2nd roll i just shot i don't know it wouldn't let me line up coz the focus ring is small you can move it much like i get end of the ring i can't turn it more but it still not even close to lining up some help.

  20. i like the video but really most of these are opinion rather than fact. Personally I have never stored film in the fridge and no one that I know has. The only time i could see storing film in the fridge to be adventurous is when it will be there for a LONG time, like years, otherwise there is no point. And also storing film that is expired in the fridge will not do a damn thing! its already expired.

  21. Dang man, I finished a roll of film today and I was planning to go to Walmart. Thank you for doing this!

  22. Positive vibes! – and film! Love itt!

  23. I have the luxury of living just a 10 min walk away from a good lab (2 actually!) that develops my film within 24 hours for just 5 Euros per roll. Scans and prints are where those labs get pricy, but I do that at home. For more casual C41 stuff I actually use a drugstore nearby, the lab they use has a good reputation and you can't beat 3 Euros per roll including small prints, never had any issues with them – of course the small prints aren't premium quality, just handy for a first impression before I scan.

  24. YESSS YESSS YESSSS on the first rule. i always take my film to either Walgreens or cvs and they take forever. and to top it all off, they even come out good

  25. No love for zooms? A prime is nice and fine but zooms are generally reliable and cheap. I do agree that you get your money's worth with primes but just don't shy away to try zooms and you might be surprised.

  26. Just an FYI for Western Canadians: London Drugs still develops C41. Not all locations have it in house. When they don't they send to another London Drugs that can develop it.

    I usually get my negs/prints back in a few hours.

  27. I get my rolls developed at a local photography store, they send them off. It costs £8.89 to have each roll developed. I'm thinking of starting to develop my own rolls..

  28. It ain't a real taco if you use sour cream

  29. my tip would be…expose for the shadows (as opposed to digital protecting your highlights)…film handles overexposure fine…but struggles to recover underexposed areas…

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