5 DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY Tips and Techniques!


  1. Uploaded on MY BIRTHDAY! Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

  2. Great tutorial dude! It's great to find generous people like you happy to share your skills…well done!

  3. Great video. In my opinion, you should not be using in camera sharpening in any camera. Save that for post!

  4. This was very helpful man, cheers!

  5. Hey Man, now D-Log is locked in 500 iso. What should i do?? I have a DJI P4P

  6. brilliant help – now that i'm into the drone and editing a bit already, the tips you gave were easy to understand and utilise

  7. Awesome, helpful video. Thanks

  8. Just want to say Hi :). Good video mate. Love the tips

  9. great tips thanks ! keep it up! awesome work too!

  10. Great tips on using a drone. DJI Mavic. Im South African Myself. Enjoyed this video. Keep up the great work and feel free to view my chanel bud

  11. This was fun. Enjoyed this.

  12. Nice Video Sheldon! Mind checking out my channel and maybe sub?

  13. why 3840 instead of 4096?

  14. eish these shots make me miss joburg

  15. Open box and start flying is a very dumbass thing to do. Did you even take the gimbal clip off ? I notice you have the gimbal cover still on it.
    You really should learn a few things before you put them here on YouTube

  16. What's the editing software you use. Thanks

  17. Glad I came across your video. Great help as I begin Droning on a Platinum Mavic Pro…

  18. Try talking a little slower!

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