3 ideas for organizing and creating photo projects


  1. Fuji x-t1, x-t2 and x100f.

  2. Canon 70D, iPhone 6s and 5s.

  3. Hi Adam. I'm writing to you from the Connecticut shore, where today's temps were in the mid-70s. Sorry it's so warm where you are in CA; I'm guessing you're somewhere near the Sacramento Valley where temps typically get into the 100s during the summer.

    I'm a Nikon shooter, currently using a D750. Near the end of this video, you spoke about sending you photos to look at, and I thought I'd take you up on the offer. Here's a link to my albums on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/myspt/albums
    And here's a link to my profile on Flickr, so you can get to know a little about me: https://www.flickr.com/people/myspt/

    As always, I enjoyed your latest video — lights shutting off and all.

  4. Hi from France ! Too much sun 😋I have a Panasonic Lumix GX-80 📷 Love it !

  5. Fuji user mostly these days. Recently got an X100F and it's pretty much the only gear i'm carrying around unless doing some landscape work.

  6. Nikon user. Sorry so hot on the left coast but it's a dry heat while it's storming here with Cindy dropping shit loads of rain here in Pensacola, FL.

  7. What was that Kentucky item? A thermometer, I paused the video and looked closer. That's my home state! Great project suggestions! I have framed prints of a few of my photos, but never considered books or slideshows. I have all the other Lightroom modules besides Catalog and Develop closed. Maybe it's time to open Books and Slideshows and create a couple of projects. (Besides Canon I use a Sony on occasion.)

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention, I am a Canon user. Jack Thatcher on the other hand is a little different. He is a Canon user as well but has dabbled in everything from Nikons to Sony, drones and more. Diffidently well versed in many camera brands out there.

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