10 Professional Bird Photography Tips And Techniques to get Stunning Results


  1. I would have liked to see the "Good" photos SOOC, not cropped, processed or anything added/removed/etc. That way I can see just how bird photography is done "right" using your 10 tips

  2. This is very inspiring. thanks for sharing. Of course my birds are always showing me their back, but I need to keep trying. Every tips is so true. What a difference.

  3. congratulations ! very helpful tips

  4. Still haven't worked out how to shoot at eye level when they are flying

  5. clearly just an ad to sell a book.

  6. The example you gave for good and bad exposure was just a difference in lightening more than anything else… :/ good vid other then that tho

  7. the guy is an amateur wannabe. He's not even on the same train as Mangelsen, Wolfe Ippolito etc. shoo, go away with your bad advice…there is more than enough already on the net.

  8. very nice video and very helpful

  9. very nice video and very helpful

  10. This is a great video Prathap. Can see you really love birds, getting the what not to do must have been really hard for you! >.<

  11. A useful, informative video. I would like to see the examples on screen longer. After the second image, show the two side by side for emphasis.

  12. Yeah… It does take time to make amazing videos…and it has come up really well… Thanks for sharing Prathap. Looking for more such short videos from you!

  13. Great video – loved the music, as well

  14. As ever,Creativity is enhanced and the simplicity of subject is retained.


  15. basics are very clear and concise. excellent video

  16. Congratulations! Very interesting video.

  17. You are a Talented and Generous Professional Photographer Prathap!

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